127 Yard Sale returns to East Tennessee, offering 690 miles worth of deals from Michigan to Alabama

127 Yard Sale returns to East Tennessee, offering 690 miles worth of deals from Michigan to Alabama

some interesting facts about this world’s largest yard sale
-by Talukder Tetulia
Aug 5 th , 2023
The Ultimate Bargain Hunter’s Paradise: Exploring the World’s Largest US
127 Yard Sale.

127 Yard Sale returns to East
Tennessee, offering 690 miles worth of
deals from Michigan to Alabama


Bargain hunters and antique enthusiasts, rejoice! Every year in early
August, a massive event takes place along U.S. Route 127, spanning
several states and attracting thousands of vendors and shoppers from all
over the country. Welcome to the “World’s Largest US 127 Yard Sale” – an
annual extravaganza that stretches over 690 miles, making it a yard sale
like no other.

History and Origins

The roots of this remarkable event trace back to 1987 when Mike Walker, a
visionary county executive in Fentress County, Tennessee, had an idea to
promote local businesses and tourism along U.S. Route 127. What started
as a modest local event soon evolved into something far grander than
anyone could have imagined.

The Unparalleled Scale

The US 127 Yard Sale, also known as the 127 Corridor Sale or the World’s
Longest Yard Sale, starts on the first Thursday of August and lasts until
Sunday. It follows the route of U.S. Route 127, beginning at the Michigan-
Ohio border and winding its way through the states of Ohio, Kentucky,
Tennessee, Georgia, and even touching parts of Alabama. The vast
expanse covered by this sale gives it a truly global distinction.

The Thrill of the Hunt

This four-day extravaganza provides an unparalleled shopping experience,
catering to a diverse range of interests. From antique treasures to modern-
day bargains, you’ll find an array of items that cater to every taste and
preference. Antiques, collectibles, furniture, clothing, crafts, and countless
other products are showcased, waiting to find new owners.

Economic Boost to Local Communities

The US 127 Yard Sale is not just a shopper’s paradise; it’s also a boon to
the communities along its route. As tourists and bargain hunters flock to the
area, local businesses thrive, generating revenue and creating a vibrant
atmosphere. The event has become an essential economic driver,
contributing significantly to the growth of the participating towns and cities.

Media Frenzy

With its astounding scale and unique concept, the US 127 Yard Sale has
garnered widespread media attention. It has been featured on numerous

television shows, travel programs, and news articles, further cementing its
reputation as a must-visit event for any seasoned shopper or curious


The World’s Largest US 127 Yard Sale is more than just a shopping event;
it’s an experience like no other. The thrill of the hunt, the variety of
products, and the vibrant atmosphere all contribute to making it an annual
pilgrimage for bargain hunters and collectors alike.

Whether you’re a seasoned yard sale veteran or a first-time attendee, this
multi-state extravaganza promises to be an unforgettable journey through
some of the United States’ most picturesque regions. Mark your calendars
for early August, and join thousands of like-minded individuals as you
embark on a treasure-hunting adventure of a lifetime along the US 127
Yard Sale route!


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