ExpoPlatform launches new ebook on LLMs for events

ExpoPlatform launches new ebook on LLMs for events

The first chapter of an ebook aimed at helping digital leaders implement Large Language Models (LLMs) for their event businesses has been published.

Household names of these models include ChatGPT, Gemini, Llama, Mistral and more.

Now, ExpoPlatform has launched the Hitchhiker’s Guide to LLMs for Events: Zero to Production is an ebook by ExpoPlatform consisting of six parts.

Every month will see a new chapter from the series published with a deep dive into a specific area on the topic, with the aim of helping digital leaders in the events industry leverage the power of LLMs for their business.

Mykyta Fastovets, CTO and co-founder of ExpoPlatform, said: “This ebook takes the reader from the basics and theory behind LLMs to practical examples and considerations of how they can be deployed in production to solve real world problems. An entire chapter will be focussed on applications specific to our industry.

“It’s a testament to our commitment to innovation and providing cutting-edge solutions that drive value for our industry.

“This ebook will empower digital leaders in the event industry to leverage AI for more personalised, efficient and impactful experiences in a scalable way.

“If you are a CTO, a developer or data scientist aiming to leverage LLMs for your organisation – this book is designed for you.”

The first chapter of this ebook – A Primer on LLMs – serves as an introduction to the theory and current landscape of this technology.

LLMs are machine learning models that can comprehend and generate human language text.

They work by analysing massive data sets to train algorithms on the intricacies of this communication.

These models can perform a wide range of tasks – such as translation, text completion, sentiment analysis, summarisation, data analysis and more.

This is done by predicting and generating coherent text based on the input they receive.

Their capabilities have made them powerful tools in various applications including customer service, content creation and conversational AI.

These tools hit the headlines in 2022 when consumer-facing browser-based ChatGPT captured the imaginations of the public, becoming the next big thing for businesses to integrate into their operations.

This new LLMs ebook will consist of six chapters – with a new chapter released each month.

It is targeted towards eventprofs who have some level of expertise in data science or technology, but has been written to be useful for anyone with a technical background interested in learning more about the topic.

ExpoPlatform is an event technology provider specialised in technology for the B2B exhibition and trade show industry with a focus on constant innovation.

Follow this link here to download your copy of the first chapter and sign up for subsequent publications.

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