The Best Shoes for Events 

The Best Shoes for Events 

Skift Take

Shoes can make or break one’s ensemble. Luckily, dress codes have loosened, allowing attendees to step up their sneaker game and attend comfortably. 

Heels or wingtips might look great if you’re a thought-leading keynote speaker pacing back and forth on stage and need something to tie your blazer and glasses together while doling out unremarkable nuggets of info to the audience.

But chances are you’re not. And chances are the time spent on your feet over the course of an event will far exceed that of a presenter spending less than an hour on stage. So, you need shoes that won’t have you sobbing in pain in your hotel room by the day’s end—sneakers to the rescue.

Ditching formal footwear allows one to express personality through unique styling—like wearing one’s heart on one’s sleeve, but more like wearing it on one’s sole.

Here’s a quick look at some quality kicks that will have you putting in your steps with glee. They allow you to keep a clear mind and cheerful disposition while participating in workshops, networking or closing some good old-fashioned business dealings. 

Pro Tip:  “Carry a magic eraser sheet for on-the-go touch-ups.”—Kate Patay, vice president of engagement, Terramar, a DMC Network company

Chanel Lala

“To elevate an outfit, you can opt for a designer brand and be both comfortable and elegant,” Patay says.” Chanel offers a variety of styles that are a luxury staple, and the black toe outsole protects it from dirt marks.”


“When wanting to wear a pair of pants tailored for heels, or just add a couple of inches in height, look for a platform sole like in the Stella McCartney version,” Patay says. “A narrow sneaker will more resemble a dress shoe if you’re just dipping your toe into the waters of elevated, comfortable footwear for business (pun intended).” 

Holy HOKA!

These high-end jogging shoes tell the world that you mean business when it comes to walking and running. Certain models of HOKA running shoes, including the Cielo X1, Rocket X2 and Mach X, are designed for running marathons (42 km or 26.2 mi.) and will help you go the distance from early morning starts to the post-event cocktail party. 

On? Yes, On.

Maybe you’ve seen these Swiss-designed beauties but weren’t sure what to call them after trying to decipher the meaning of the brand’s esoteric logo. And no, it’s not “DQ.” On offers shoes for very specific activities, including road and trail running, hiking and, yes, even travel.

“To me, a basic white sneaker is a staple in any closet and so effortlessly chic,” Patay says. “On Cloud makes a great, comfy, affordable option that you can walk in for days.”

New Balance from the Past

The iconic aesthetic of New Balance harkens back to images of jogging in the 1980s, with functionality that has stood the test of time. The classic and contemporary designs look cool, but they also tell those around you that you’re serious and don’t likely partake in after-hours shenanigans. 

Alo All Day

In case you’ve missed it, athleisure wear was bumped into the mainstream due to everyone working from home during the pandemic. Joining brands leading the pack in functional fashion, such as Lululemon, Athletica, and now Alo, are forging the fashion movement into a timeless style. Alo is creating footwear that’s quickly becoming known as some of the most comfortable training shoes ever, and they complement both formal and casual styles. Attendees and event professionals won’t have to sacrifice personal comfort regardless of the occasion.

Wallabee Champs 

Clarks, a brand once synonymous with the Jamaican rude boy culture in England during the 1970s and later popularized by the Wu-Tang Clan in the 1990s, has never really fallen out of style since the brand’s launch in the mid-1800s. The iconic moccasin features the famous and distinct Crepe rubber sole that makes you feel like you’re floating above the clouds while staving off fatigue from long bouts of standing.

Just do Event 

You can’t go wrong with a pair of Nikes, regardless of personal style or functional preference. And the choices go far beyond some sick dunks or a pair of uber-serious trainers with the customary air bubble protruding from the heel—although those are great options as well. More recently, Nike has taken notice of the everyday need for comfortable shoes by professionals, such as the Motiva, designed specifically for long bouts of walking and standing.

The Classic Freak Flag 

Are you simply not the same as everyone else? Do you feel like events force you to drape yourself with formal wear that boosts insecure thoughts of being an imposter? Grab hold of your punk roots with the classic design of Converse’s Chuck Taylors. The minimalist design of Chucks is light and breathable and comes in variations of designs and colors. Hunter S. Thompson wore them, so why shouldn’t you? 

Crocs a Lot 

The slip-on anomalies that debuted in the 2006 film Idiocracy have recently gained popularity for reasons that can’t be easily explained. But these cushy clogs are back in style, appealing to everyone from kids and teens to professionals of nearly every ilk. So why not slip on a pair of Crocs and smile?

Bonus: SuperFeet, Superb Relief

Falling arches are no fun, especially when covering massive amounts of territory during an exhibition or site visit. Perhaps you’re partial to a particular style of shoe that’s embossed onto your personal style. But your go-to shoes have horrible arch support. SuperFeet insoles are designed to fit an array of arch sizes and can be trimmed to fit perfectly into most shoes. So slip them in and smile—it’s just that easy. 


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