Various events that happened on April 3

Various events that happened on April 3

The significant events of daily life become history in time. Those events take place there, which are good, which are first, which are the curse-blessing of mankind.

The agenda of history has always been important to people. Keeping this importance in mind, Bangladesh regularly organizes 'Today's History' for its readers.

Today is Wednesday, 3 April 2024 English, 20 Chaitra 1430 Bengali, 23 Ramadan 1445 Hijri. Take a look at the important events that happened on this day in history, the birth and death dates of prominent people and other important things.


1043 – Edward is crowned King of England.

1312 – The Second Council of Vienna is held.

1559 – Spain and France make a second treaty.

1661 – The East India Company obtains charters relating to the right to wage war, manufacture arms, etc.

1783 – Sweden and the United States conclude a trade treaty.

1857 – Queen Victoria is proclaimed 'Empress of India'.

1860 – The first horse-drawn carriage was introduced in the United States.

1890 – Otto von Bismarck, a prominent European politician, the architect of the German Empire and the first chancellor, is deposed.

1939 – German forces invade Denmark and Norway.

1941 – During World War II, Rashid Ali Al Gilani, the leader of the anti-British movement in Iraq, captured Baghdad.

1954 – Shere Bangla A. K. Fazluq Haque formed a four-member United Front cabinet.

1995 – Vietnam celebrates the 20th anniversary of victory in the War of Resistance against the US.

2002 – The Israeli army launched a deadly attack on the Palestinian city of Jenin on the West Bank of the Jordan River.


1781 – Indian religious leader Swaminarayan was born.

1783 – American historian and author Washington Irving was born.

1881 – Alcide de Gasperi, Italian journalist and politician and 30th Prime Minister, is born.

1884 – Australian cricketer Jimmy Matthews is born.

1893 – English actor, director and producer Leslie Howard was born.

1924 – Marlon Brando, Oscar-winning American film actor, was born.

1925 – English pilot, politician and inventor Anthony Neil Wedgwood Tony Benn is born.

1929 – Fazlur Rahman Khan, the world-renowned Bangladeshi architect, civil engineer and designer of one of the world's tallest buildings, Sears Tower (now Willows Tower) in Chicago, was born.

1948 – Dutch academic, politician and diplomat Jaap de Hoop Scheffer was born.

1950 – Mohiuddin Ahmed Alamgir, a popular Bangladeshi film actor, was born.

1961 – American actor, director and screenwriter Eddie Murphy was born.

1973 – Indian actor, director and choreographer Prabhu Dev was born.

1978 – German tennis player Tommy Haas is born.

1982 – Canadian actress Kavie Smulders was born.

1983 – English football player Ben Foster is born.

1985 – English singer, songwriter and record producer Leona Lewis is born.

1986 – American actress Amanda Laura Bynes was born.

1988 – Dutch footballer Tim Krul is born.

1992 – Russian swimmer Julia Andreevna Efimova was born.


1287 – Pope Honorius IV dies.

1680 – Shivaji Bhosale, the controversial Indian bandit and founder of the Maratha Empire, dies.

1682 – Spanish painter and educator Bartholomew Esteban Muril also dies.

1897 – German pianist and composer Johannes Brahms dies.

1940 – Freedom fighter Mahimchandra Das died.

1941 – Hungarian academic, politician and 22nd Prime Minister Pal Tylecki dies.

1943 – German actor, director and producer Konrad Veidot dies.

1969 – Madhu Sheel, the first Indian Sabak film maker, died.

1977 – Australian cricketer Jack Ryder dies.

1979 – Renowned Justice Syed Mahbub Morshed passed away.

1986 – Literary journalist Asim Roy passed away.

1991 – Graham Greene, noted English novelist, short story writer and critic, dies.

2013 – Ruth Prawer, German-born American author and screenwriter, dies.


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