97 percent students do not want student politics in BUET

97 percent students do not want student politics in BUET

Bangladesh University of Engineering (BUET) has claimed that 97 percent of students have taken a stand against student politics.

They gave this information in a press conference organized in front of MA Rashid administration building of the university on Wednesday night.

At the press conference, the students said that on campus now, a handful of current and former students influenced by political circles are making false and baseless allegations to question the spontaneous movement of ordinary students. I also strongly condemn such fabricated allegations without evidence. Hopefully, they will move away from petty selfishness and embrace greater interests.

97 percent of the students stated that they were against student politics. Students said that for the last two days, to monitor public opinion, we took online votes for and against student politics using our respective institutional emails. The result is that the total number of students is 5834. 5683 people signed against student politics. In other words, 97 percent of the students are against the student politics in the campus. So, the correctness of our position is proved here.

They also said that the BUET campus free from student politics was achieved by the sufferings and cries of hundreds of students in exchange for the blood of Soni Apu, Dwip Bhai and Abrar Bhai. We therefore condemn any interference in our current movement, or any attempt to capitalize on the movement to achieve any vested interests and at the same time any possible attempt to divert the context of the movement to a different sector.

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