An example of looting in the banking sector is the ban on entry of journalists

An example of looting in the banking sector is the ban on entry of journalists

An example of the looting and anarchy going on in the banking sector today is the ban on journalists entering the Bangladesh Bank. ists work as an assistant to the government. In view of the upcoming budget, the restrictions on the entry of journalists to the Central Bank should be lifted now.

Senior journalists and journalist leaders said these things in a meeting titled 'Bangladesh Bank's ban on journalists' access' at ERF office on Wednesday (May 15).

ERF president Refayet Ullah Mirdha presided over the event and the organization's secretary Abul Kashem presided over the event.

Jatiya Press Club General Secretary Shyamal Dutta, Bangladesh Federal Union of ists (BFUJ) President Ruhul Amin Ghazi, General Secretary Quader Gani Chowdhury, Dhaka ists Union (Part) President Sohel Haider Chowdhury, DUZ President Shahidul Islam, General Secretary Khurshid Alam, President of Dhaka Reporters Unity Syed Shukur Ali Shubo, General Secretary Mohi Uddin, Former President of ERF and Editor of English Daily Financial Express Shamsul Haque Zahid, Editor of UNB Farid Hossain, Senior ist Sohel Manjur, Former President of ERF Manowar Hossain, Former General Secretary Sajjad Alam Khan Tapu , Ziaur Rahman, SM Rashidul Islam etc.

In the event, editor of Bhorer paper and general secretary of Jatiya Press Club, Shyamal Dutt said, now a PK Halder will loot thousands of rupees from the banking sector, but nothing can be said, it cannot happen. How does one person own seven to eight banks? ists play a supporting role in the development of the government. The budget is coming up. Why will journalists be banned from entering the central bank at such a time? The media has helped the government by publishing the news of all the financial irregularities including Hallmark.

He said that the Minister of State for Information has said that he is working on this matter (entry ban). But we also have to deal with this issue with a strong hand. Part of the recent anarchy in the banking sector is the denial of access to journalists to Bangladesh Bank. 8 thousand crores of rupees were stolen from Bangladesh Bank's reserve, did the thief have to come to Bangladesh Bank? These 7-8 banks are owned by a group. They recently took over another bank. It is also difficult to speak against them because they have newspapers, television and online.

BFUJ president Ruhul Amin Gazi said, bank reporters are facing problems today, it will increase further. Gradually journalists will face more problems. We need to build unity in the place of professionalism by coming out of the factionalism. All organizations should come together. In the past too we have united and demanded our rights. The misdeeds that are done in the stock market and the dollar market are done by the officials, the journalists only write it down.

President of Dhaka ist Union (DUJ) Sohel Haider Chowdhury said that such a governor has been installed in Bangladesh Bank and he is not worthy of it. He has banned journalists from entering Dhaka because of his weakness. Bangladesh Bank could not achieve success in any index during the tenure of the current governor. On what basis did the price of the dollar increase by seven rupees without any prior announcement? Such a ban has been given to journalists only to give advantage to some Pir-Awliya-Dervishes.

He said they nailed the door but could not close the door. If necessary, we will take a position at the gate of Bangladesh Bank. I will not allow the governor to enter Bangladesh Bank. We will leave after claiming our rights.


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