As time passes, Raisi's hope of being rescued alive is diminishing

As time passes, Raisi's hope of being rescued alive is diminishing

The whole country is anxiously waiting to know what happened to Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi and his companions in the helicopter crash. Hours after the accident, there is still no information about the helicopter involved in the accident.

On Sunday, President Raisi was going to Tabriz, the capital of Azerbaijan province. Iran's foreign minister was also in the helicopter carrying him.

Local correspondents said that the helicopter crashed in the mountainous area. 40 rescue teams have been sent to the accident site. Besides, drones have been sent to identify the accident site. As the area is remote, the rescuers have to speed up to enter there with vehicles. Besides, visibility conditions are not good due to rain and thick fog.

Analyst Abbas Aslani told Al-Jazeera: 'No one knows exactly what happened and how the president and other local officials are doing. Because the situation is quite complicated.'

Aslani, a senior research fellow at the Center for Middle East Strategic Studies, said, 'As time goes on, hope is diminishing because the situation is getting worse and darker. What is felt here in Tehran (Iran's capital) is mostly a sense of uncertainty.'


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