DSE Chairman Dr. Hasan Babu's new book published

DSE Chairman Dr.  Hasan Babu's new book published

Dhaka University Dean of Faculty of Engineering and Technology and Professor of Computer Science and Engineering Department and Chairman of Dhaka Stock Exchange Prof. Dr. A book titled 'DNA Logic Design: Computing with DNA' by Hafiz Muhammad Hasan Babu has been published.

Published on May 29 by Singapore's World Scientific Publishing Co., Ltd. Which scientific dr. Hasan Babu's seventh publication.

Dr. Scientific in this publication. Hasan Babu has presented this publication in a completely new and different way with innovative thinking based on science. The book begins with the basics of DNA computing. DNA computing, form of computing where DNA molecules are used instead of digital logic circuits. A biological cell is considered an entity that is similar to a sophisticated computer. Then DNA describes the basic operations of computing. A variety of logical designs translate into DNA computing contexts such as arithmetic circuits, combinational circuits, sequential circuits, memory devices, programmable logic devices, and nanoprocessors. Heat and momentum calculation techniques are presented in circular form in the book.

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