EC will hold mass hearing at field level to reduce the suffering of NID

EC will hold mass hearing at field level to reduce the suffering of NID

The Election Commission (EC) will also hold public hearings at the field level to correct the wrong national identity cards and reduce the suffering of the citizens. In this case, public hearings will be held at the upazila, district and regional levels one to two days per week.

On Sunday (May 19), Director of NID Division (Operations) of EC. This information is known from the letter signed by Farhad Hossain.

It has been said that field level officials are empowered to facilitate the National Identity Card online correction service. The concerned responsible officers would scrutinize the attached documents of the applications under his purview and investigate as necessary: ​​Dispose (approval/partial approval/cancellation) of the applications.

According to the decision of the monthly coordination meeting on May 9, regional election officers and senior district/district and upazila/ police station election offices under their jurisdiction are instructed to provide information on the possible day of hearing every week in providing national identity card services. .

In this situation, as per the decision of the monthly coordination meeting of May, in providing National Identity Card services at the field level
It is requested to dispose of pending applications by taking up hearing one or two days every week. Along with that, within the working day of receiving the letter, the Regional Election Officer and all the seniors under his/her district/district and upazila/ police station election offices should send the integrated information about which one or two days a week they will take the hearing.

It is known that despite various initiatives, the suffering of ordinary citizens is not going away due to revision of National Identity Card (NID). One application is taking months to settle. As a result, 550,000 incomplete applications are lying on the table of the Election Commission (EC).

According to the EC sources, after receiving the application, according to their complexity A, B, C and D; This feed is categorized as That is why there are 10 officers for 10 constituencies. In this case, if an application is delayed in any category, no action is taken on it. After that, the concerned officials do not take further action due to various excuses Investigation is also delayed. Mainly due to these reasons, the NID correction application takes months to settle. There are also instances of some applications being left behind for years.

At present, more than 550,000 applications are pending with the EC. Among them, one lakh 30 thousand 426 applications are in A category, two lakh 51 applications are in B category, two lakh four thousand 255 applications are in C category and seven thousand 665 applications are in D category. Besides, nine thousand 115 applications have not yet been categorized. In total 5 lakh 51 thousand 512 applications have not been settled.

EC officials informed that 10 Regional Election Officers, 01 (one) Senior District/District Election Officer from each region, Additional Regional Election Officer, Additional District Election Officer, Election Officer, Thana/Upazila for categorization and speedy disposal of NID revision applications. election
Officers and Assistant Police Station / Upazila Officers, 10 (ten) officers of Election Commission Secretariat, 10 (ten) officers of National Identity Registration Division, 05 (five) officers of Electoral Training Institute, 05 (five) officers of Smart Card and IDEA Project. A training workshop is proposed. The training program is scheduled to be held on May 26. At the same time, if the hearing is conducted at the field level, the complexity of the investigation will be reduced a lot. The speed of disposal of applications related to NID will also increase.



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