Eid Destination: Mausuni Island near Kolkata

Eid Destination: Mausuni Island near Kolkata

People are desperate to go somewhere far away when they get a few days off from their busy civic life. Eid is ahead. A few days of vacation will be arranged, some will go to the village or some will go for a trip to a country near or far. 'Eid Destination' – If it is India, you can travel from Mausuni Island in India at low cost.

This island is surrounded by Bay of Bengal on three sides and river on one side. Nature is beautiful. Going here, you will see sandy beaches, tall coconut trees. Dense forest. Pure water. Fatigue will pass easily. Since this year's Eid is not coming alone, it is bringing with it the joy of Pahela Baisakh. It is summer in nature. quite hot On such a day, the destination may be on this deserted island. Its location is just 120 km from Kolkata. You can also go by taxi.

According to local media, the island is one of the most beautiful places to be secluded by the sea. You will get a chance to get close to nature – if you go here. That is because concrete passenger accommodation has not yet been built on this island. If you want to stay here, you have to stay in tent service. There are several mud cottages along the sea shore.

If you visit Mausuni Island, you can eat traditional food of the area and various types of sea fish. The island is surrounded by wooden canopies and canopies of coconut leaves. Food is served on wooden round tables. You can enjoy seafood in such an environment.

Another thing is that there are several islands around Mausuni Island. You can also visit those islands by boat.

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