Farewell to grandfather, father and son in the same way by going to Hajj

Farewell to grandfather, father and son in the same way by going to Hajj

An Egyptian citizen died in the holy city of Mecca while performing Hajj this year. However, after this death, it is known that both his father and grandfather died in Mecca three decades and five decades ago during their respective pilgrimages. This family hails from the Behera Governorate region of Egypt. Apart from grieving, the family members feel a kind of spiritual significance and importance in such a dignified death of three men of three generations.

Mohammad Salim Kasem was a retired post manager in Behera area. Saudi authorities confirmed the death to his family on Saturday (June 1). Ever since the news of Qassem's death spread, the Egyptian city has been in mourning. Kasem's cousin. Jamal Amin Kasem reveals this heartbreaking truth. He said, Kasem's death has obvious similarities with his father's death. My uncle (Qassem's father) died in Makkah 30 years ago while performing Hajj. He also said that Kasem, our grandfather, also died in Makkah in the same way about 50 years ago. Khabar Gulf News.

Dr. Jamal Kasem also said, 'My dear cousin Mohammad Salim Kasem, Rashid and Edku were working as the head of Post Group. He died in the Holy Land, where he had come to meet the Creator. It was in this holy city that his father (my uncle Saad Salim Qasim) and our grandfather fell to their death in the same place and in the same manner.

Many of the local residents said that through this dignified death, three men of three generations have met in the holy city under the guidance of the great creator.


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