Fuel oil from discarded polythene and plastic

Fuel oil from discarded polythene and plastic

A young man named Raihan made fuel oil from abandoned polythene and plastic. In addition to the production of fuel oil in a special process with plastic raw materials, the carbon ink of the printer is made. True if unbelievable.

Raihan Bholar Charmanika Union Charkachhapia village Md. Son of Deen Islam Munsi. This young entrepreneur is a current year HSC candidate from Charphaysan Dakshin Aicha Principal Nazrul College.

Raihan has a small factory in his house in Charakchhapia village. Fuel oil is made by burning plastic bottles and polythene in a drum and some small containers with it. Many people are visiting the small factories that make fuel oil from plastic and waste polythene. The incident of making oil from waste-plastic has created a sensation in the district.

Entrepreneur Raihan said, biogas is kept in another container or plastic drum through the fire released in the iron drum of used harmful polythene and discarded plastic bottles collected from different areas. Later, when it cools down, fuel oil gradually accumulates. He does these things by watching social media and YouTube. In this, he spends on these works with the money saved for tiffin while studying in school and college from his father.

This young entrepreneur also said that if he gets the government's support, he wants to contribute to the economy by producing fuel oil from plastic waste. He wants to grow from a small and medium entrepreneur to becoming self-sufficient with modern machinery and a big factory. Raihan hopes that the unemployed people of the area will get employment if they can build a big factory in the future if they get financial support.

South Aicha Principal Nazrul Islam College Principal Abul Hashem Mahajan said, our college student Raihan is a talented young man in the country. The government and entrepreneurs need to come forward next to him.



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