Jump from the plane with Shakib's picture on his chest!

Jump from the plane with Shakib's picture on his chest!

Today is Dhallywood king Shakib Khan's birthday. On this special day, the people involved in the movie started promoting the movie 'Dard' starring Shakib. However, their campaign strategy has caught the attention of netizens.

Shakib's first Pan Indian movie 'Dard'. A member of the publicity team jumped (skydiving) wearing a t-shirt of the movie. Ananya Mamun, the director of the movie, published some of his pictures on his Facebook.

One picture shows a few cars and some young men standing in the middle of the desert. Each of them has a flag in their hand. And the poster of the movie 'Dard' has been painted on these flags.

Basically, to celebrate Shakib Khan's birthday specially, the people associated with the movie 'Dard' have embarked on such a campaign. Director Ananya Mamun said yesterday, 'I will give two surprises on Shakib Bhai's birthday. Wait a little.'

It has been heard for quite some time that this birthday will create a special atmosphere for Shakib Khan. The trailer of the movie 'Rajkumar' will be shown at the world's tallest building Burj Al Khalifa around the birthday. But it is not happening this time. Production company Versatile Media is trying to release the trailer on the first day of April.

Bollywood's Sonal Chauhan has acted opposite Shakib Khan in 'Darad', a psycho thriller and romantic action style story. Payal Sarkar, Rajesh Sharma, Misha Saudagar, Dev Chandrima, Lutfur Rahman George, Imtu, Elina Shammi, Rio etc. also acted in this movie.

Darad is a Bangladeshi co-production between SK Movies and One World Movies of Mumbai.


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