Loadshedding in Chittagong, shopping malls sparkling with lights

Loadshedding in Chittagong, shopping malls sparkling with lights

The port city of Chittagong has started load shedding before the start of the summer season. This city does not get electricity for more than 7-8 hours during the day and night. Residents are suffering due to lack of electricity while fasting during Ramadan. Chittagong Electricity Supply Department said, load shedding is not being provided during off-peak hours, however, load shedding is being done from 220 to 250 MW during peak hours.

The Consumer Association of Bangladesh (CAB) claimed in a statement that 380 MW to 420 MW of load shedding is being done in Chittagong against the demand during peak hours.

Residents said that loadshedding is happening almost every hour in Chittagong city. Sometimes there is no electricity for an hour and sometimes for two. The power goes off every hour during the night. Despite load shedding in homes, all the shopping malls of Chittagong are sparkling with lights due to excess electricity consumption.

Hafizur Rahman, a resident of Oxygen area of ​​the city, said that we are suffering due to load shedding. Shopping malls consume hundreds of megawatts of electricity due to lighting. Common people do not get electricity at home during peak times of need.

Housewife Sultana Nigar, a resident of Agrabad area of ​​the city, said, “We are not getting electricity during Iftar Seheri.” Unnecessary lighting consumes electricity in shopping malls. Because of them we have to suffer load shedding.

Chief engineer of PDB's distribution in the southern region. Rezaul Karim admitted the fact of load shedding and said that the demand for electricity has increased due to rise in temperature. Besides, as shopping malls continue till late night, the demand for electricity at night is much higher than usual. As a result, there is a shortfall in the supply of electricity against the demand. Due to which load shedding has to be done.

He also said that two units of gas-based 420 MW Roujan thermal power plant in Chittagong are closed. Shikalbaha 150 MW power plant is also closed. Three units of Kaptai hydro power plant are closed due to lack of water. In this situation there is shortfall in power generation.

Akhtar Hossain, Assistant Director (Public Relations) of PDB Chittagong Office, said that 220 MW loadshedding is now taking place during peak hours. However, there is no load shedding during off peak hours. An increase in production will improve the situation.


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