Public transport crisis in the capital, suffering national

Public transport crisis in the capital, suffering  national

People are returning to the capital after the long holiday of Eid-ul-Fitr and Paola Baisakh to join the workplace. Workers are entering Dhaka by bus, train, launch and private car.

On Monday (April 15), long-distance buses have been entering Dhaka at the capital's Gabtali bus terminal since dawn. People are trying to get down from the bus and go to their destination using CNG autorickshaws and motorbikes. But there is no pressure like last few years at Gabtali inter-district bus terminal. Bus officials say that 60 percent of the expected people are returning to Dhaka on this route.

Meanwhile, busyness has returned to the empty city as people from home to work return to Dhaka. However, due to the public transport crisis, people returning to Dhaka have to hurry from the bus station to their respective destinations. Many people have been seen standing on the street with their families waiting for public transport for a long time.

Saiful Islam came from Palashbari in Gaibandha in Shyamoli Paribahan. He said, I came to Dhaka without any problem on the road. However, there was no public transport in Gabtali since morning, so we had to wait on the road for about 40 minutes.

Bank officer Moni Akhtar said, I am coming to the street in relief. However, I got into complications after entering Dhaka. I can't get public transport. Even if they got one or two autorickshaws, they asked for extra fare. I will go to Shaorapara, so I have been waiting for an hour.

Arafat, who came from Naogaon, said that there is no public transport in the morning due to the Eid holiday. Since Dhaka is empty, there are not many buses on the road. Everyone is using this opportunity. Collecting extra rent. Besides, I did not suffer any more.

Mustafiz, a member of the Gabtali Bus-Minibus Workers' Union, said, “We did not get the desired passenger departure time.” There is no time to come. People have gone more by train, they are also returning by train.

Meanwhile, long-distance buses are entering the capital one after another. A sergeant in charge of the traffic police said that hundreds of buses are entering Dhaka every hour. This increases the pressure of vehicles in the empty capital with time. The sitting public transports are also coming down the road. As a result, the officials of the traffic department have to take some pressure.

Rabiul Islam, the traffic police on duty at Gabtali Mazar Road, said that cars have been entering since 5 am. Pressure increases around 7 o'clock. Documents are being checked by asking if in doubt. So far no untoward incident has been seen.


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