Rape of housewife in Joypurhat, arrest 1

Rape of housewife in Joypurhat, arrest 1

RAB has arrested a person named Shanta Chandra (23) in a rape case after abducting a housewife in Joypurhat.

This was announced in a RAB press release on Wednesday (April 3) at noon. Earlier last night, he was arrested in a joint operation from Sultanpur in Natore.

The arrested Shanto Chandra is the son of Nirman Chandra of Baratajpur Pahanpara of Joypurhat Sadar Upazila.

In the press release, Jaipurhat RAB camp company captain Major Md. Sheikh Sadiq said that the accused who was arrested used to give obscene behavior and bad suggestions to the woman. Last January 31, he and his accomplices kidnapped her at gunpoint and raped her overnight.

Later, after much searching, the victim's family got the news through the mobile phone and rescued the woman in a sick condition from the house of the rapist Shanta Chandra. Later, when a case was filed in the court, RAB conducted a joint operation and arrested him. He was then handed over to Joypurhat Sadar Police Station.

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