Dhaka tops in remittances, followed by Chittagong, Sylhet, Comilla

Dhaka tops in remittances, followed by Chittagong, Sylhet, Comilla

A large part of the amount of remittance that comes from abroad every month comes to the branches of various banks located in Dhaka. Chittagong is in the second position in terms of remittances. Next are Sylhet, Comilla and Noakhali.

This information has emerged in the report of eight months (July-February) of Bangladesh Bank's district-wise expatriate income. According to the report, in the eight months from July last year to February this year, expatriates sent money equivalent to 1,507 million dollars to the country. Out of this, $216.46 million remittances came in February and $210 million in January. And last December, expatriate income came to the country of 198 million 98 million dollars, which was 193 million dollars in November.

According to the data, in eight months, Dhaka district received 5.23 billion dollars and Chittagong district received 1.42 billion dollars in expatriate income. During this period, Sylhet district received 87 crores, Comilla 81 crores and Noakhali 46 crores. Apart from this, 38 crores in Brahmanbaria, 37 crores in Feni, 36 crores in Moulvibazar, 35 crores in Chandpur and 25 crores in Narsingdi have come.

In 2023, remittances to the country reached 2,900 million dollars. In 2022 which was 2 thousand 130 million dollars. That is, in 2023, there was a growth of about 3 percent in expatriate income.

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