Order to stop unfit bus-battery-powered auto-rickshaws

Order to stop unfit bus-battery-powered auto-rickshaws

Unfit buses and battery-powered auto-rickshaws are seen plying in Dedars. Battery operated auto rickshaws are scattered in different alleys and roads. As a result, accidents often occur in various places including the capital.

As a result, Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader has ordered to stop the movement of all unfit buses by June 30. At the same time, he ordered to take measures to prevent battery-powered auto-rickshaws from running in the capital.

Obaidul Quader gave these instructions at the road transport advisory council meeting at the BRTA office in Banani on Wednesday (May 15). He said that no battery operated vehicle (three wheeler) should be allowed to run in Dhaka City.

The Road Transport Minister clearly stated that we have banned 22 highways. Not only prohibition, but measures should be taken so that it cannot be carried out.

Obaidul Quader expressed his anger about unfit cars in the capital. He said that the kind of loud and colorful cars that drive in Dhaka city are not seen in any other country in the world.

The Minister of Road Transport and Bridges said that modern public transport operates in the cities of different countries of the world. But in Dhaka there are noisy and colorful cars. They look bad. Better quality public transport is available outside Dhaka.

“Why is action not being taken against these 'lakka-jhakkar' buses,” the minister asked the BRTA officials. He said, BRTA has many programs and laws to bring order on the roads. But what is the result? Road accidents and traffic congestion are not decreasing.

Meanwhile, Obaidul Quader has again warned the country's bike riders to stop fuel supply if they do not have helmets. Said, 'No helmet, no fuel.'

He said that this policy will be effective in all parts of the country even in Mofswal. The Minister of Road Transport thinks that there are more road accidents in the country because of easybikes and motorcycles.

The Road Transport Act provides for a fine of Tk 10,000 for riding a bike without a helmet and Tk 25,000 for not having a driving license. But the implementation of the law is not seen in most cases.

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