Police constable arrested while taking bribe, then..

Police constable arrested while taking bribe, then..

A police constable named Ashiq Hossain was arrested by the mob while taking bribe money from a person's house in Joypurhat. After receiving a call from 999, the police rescued him from the spot. The incident took place in Srikrishtapur village of Akkelpur municipal headquarters on Saturday. However, the matter became known on Sunday.

It is known that constable Ashiq Hossain along with an SI came to Srikrishtapur village of Akkelpur upazila a few days ago to investigate a complaint about land acquisition. At that time, when Constable Ashiq demanded a bribe of 1000 rupees from the defendant Sohel Rana, Constable Ashiq Hossain got angry because he did not pay the money. Two days after that, Constable Ashiq Sohail Rana was found on a road at night and drugged in the name of search. Constable Ashiq demanded a bribe of 20,000 taka on the condition of releasing him. On Saturday morning, Constable Ashiq Hossain Sohail came to Rana's house to collect the money. At one point, Sohel Rana gave 5 thousand rupees to the constable. Meanwhile, Sohal's wife recorded the video. Later, when the constable found out about the video recording and tried to return the money, Sohail Rana called 999, trapping Constable Ashiq in his house. Then the police came and deleted the video of the transaction from the mobile phone and rescued the constable and took him to the police station.

Victim Sohail Rana said, Constable Ashiq hanged me in the street with drugs in his pocket for not paying the bribe. Later he released me on the agreement of paying 20 thousand rupees. This incident actually happened to take that money. Later, when I called 999, the police came and deleted the video recorded by my wife and took her away.

However, accused Ashiq said, when I went to that area to look for drugs, they called me and hung me up. I did not make any money transactions.

Akkelpur Police Station OC (Investigation) Masud Rana said that a written report has been given to the higher authorities in this regard.

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